Can Your Streaming Service Do These Things?

Can Your Streaming Service Do These Things?

1.Enable you to watch anything on the other streaming services Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, CBS All Access, YouTube Red and Amazon Prime Video.

2. Watch any series you want commercial free?

3. Watch any movie commercial free?

4 Offer sports NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and College sports. Professional Wrestling

5. 200 Plus live channels? Adding more each day.

6. Play video games on your big screen? Nintendo , Gameboy & Gameboy Color & Sega Game Gear. We offer tech support to load games as well as adding bluetooth controllers.

7. Tech support for any problems or tech questions?

8. Run on the Android platform?

9. Local and World News Live

10. Offer All your old favorite cartoons from when you were a kid.

11. 3D content for 3D TVS

12. There is actually more you can do.

As 4k is available you will get it for the same price no need to upgrade your plan.

We only offer one plan for all of that. 10 dollars a month you get all the streaming services of the others.

To get started you need a Android device 5.0 or higher don’t have one we have a inexpensive one on our site. And a 35 dollar Chromecast and WIFI.

Get your free Android app preview at

It is my pleasure to write this review. I've seen many offering actual set-top boxes that allow you to stream all sorts of free content, as a way to say goodbye to monthly payments to vendors like Netflix and Hulu, to name a few. This solution takes it one step further. Any android device running OS v5 or higher (in some cases V4.4.4) can manually install the recommended apps and have access to hundreds of channels, including movies and exclusive streams from some pay services.Add google Chromecast and now push the stream up to the big screen. Your android phone or tablet makes the solution instantly portable and if you don't have something capable, you can get this solution pre-installed on a tablet. Terrance can get you hooked up! I'm using an older Amazon Fire HD tablet (2012) and the streaming is 100%, no skips or bumps.It's definitely worth a shot as another way to cut the cable!

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Terrance Jr and Terrance 3rd: two big techies who like to help people with their tech needs. We want  to help you enjoy tech as much as we do. Terry is into smartphones and I am more in to computers. We both, at this time, have the most dangerous Smartphones on the planet, the dreaded Samsung Note 7!  We are actually looking forward to the Note8. What we want you to know is this is how we have watched TV for the last 4 years. The last few years we have seen a new revolution in music unlimited streaming is common place. Listening to the radio with commercials and talking is being done away with just streaming the songs you want to listen to. This is exactly how it is with our Tablet watch what you want when you want with no commercials. But fear not there our 100 live channels with commercials if you want to member the days before Little Box Consultants. Radio is all but obsolete and Cable TV is next. Come join the Commercial free lifestyle and take back the control of your TV.  Amazingly enough, we only found two minor disadvantages with our tablet, which enables you to stream to your hearts content! Our strategy of Stream And Go qualifies the buyer with maximum enjoyment and overwhelming relaxation, all while staying in the perfect price range.